Pregnancy and the Pandemic

YouTube Videos

Earlier in the global pandemic, I made videos addressing COVID-19 concerns.

As new information has been released about the importance of keeping pregnant women COVID-19 free, these videos still hold value so you are prepared to keep yourself--and therefore your baby--safe.

For current updates, please check out the COVID-19 Resources page.

Where We're At With COVID-19 Today

(March 5, 2020)

An introductory video to everything we knew about the virus at the beginning of the pandemic. If you want to know more about the basics of the virus, start here.

COVID19: Frequently Asked Questions and Pregnancy Concerns

In this video, I address questions I received from a group of school administrators near the beginning of the pandemic about opening back up in the fall. I also address what we knew about concerns regarding pregnant mothers.

COVID-19: CDC Tells Pregnant Women to Stay Home?

(March 6, 2020)

This video addresses the initial concerns the CDC had about the pandemic affecting pregnant women.

The Pregnant Life and COVID-19: How do pregnant women prevent transmission at the airport?

In this video, I address two articles from the beginning of the shutdowns that discuss traveling pregnant women.