Pregnant at Home Checklist Kit

The Pregnant At Home Checklist provides family checklists for those daily routines that help to support a woman’s immune system during pregnancy, all backed by studies.

This guide discusses:

  • Safe use of cleaners, disinfectants, and gloves according to CDC guidelines
  • How to minimize your exposure not only to the novel coronavirus, but all other droplet-transmission viruses during travel outside your home

so you can protect yourself and others that you care for.

Inside the Kit

Bedtime rituals

Healthy habits for right before bed that allow for peace of mind. Checklists right before bed include actions for your home and your body.

All things food

Make sure you're properly protecting yourself while grocery shopping and preparing food.

The Outside world and Back again

There are many reasons we have to interact with the outside world. Between commuting, errands, and traveling, there are many points of exporsure. Stay as safe as you can leaving your home for any reason.

Why this Kit is Important

We know from watching healthcare professionals in the field that the more active novel coronavirus we come into contact with for extended periods of time, the more likely we are to get COVID-19 symptoms.

While pregnant women do not appear to have symptoms more often than the general population, the American College of Obstetrician Gynecologists warns that when women do have COVID-19 in pregnancy, symptoms can be much more severe. Women don’t want to pass the virus onto a newborn, as they can become very ill.

With money tight, no one can afford even a single day away from the work of taking care of family and finances.

After hundreds of hours scouring the latest research, after talking to physicians from across the country, and after investigating stories from physicians from around the world, I offer this resource to help give pregnant women peace of mind.

Becoming familiar with these checklists during pregnancy can help families to prepare for their newborn addition in the safest way possible with maximum peace of mind.

All my best!

Dr. Jennifer Brenton