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If you're going to take risks, you might as well take calculated ones. 

Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool

This interactive map shows the risk level of attending an event, given the event size and location. Enter how many will be attending the event using the slider to the left, then search the county where the event is located.

Predict COVID-19 Test Result

If you have been tested for the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 due to symptoms or exposure, the official medical recommendation is to self-quarantine until results return. There are still many decisions that need to be made, however, including how to handle the living situation with others in the same household. This calculator developed by the Cleveland Clinic helps to predict the percentage chance your test has of returning positive.

NOTE: This requires entering a BMI (Body Mass Index) number. See calculator below to determine your BMI.

BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator

Using height and weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) can be calculated. It can then be used in the Predict COVID-19 test result calculator above.